The Vine that Binds

Vineyard Neighborhood Association

The Vineyard Neighborhood Association was organized in 1969 as a community organization to provide a means for local residents to express their concerns and participate in the planning and executions of programs designed for community betterment, self-help and revitalization.  The Vineyard Neighborhood Association (VNA) received its 501(c) (3) not-for-profit status in 1980.  VNA continues to assist residents in the Vineyard area and works in conjunction with other neighborhoods to accomplish overall goals.

In our distinguished history VNA has grown to become an organization with over 190 dues paying members with active working committees and committed partners that work along side us to continue our mission and vision of improving our neighborhood.  We continue to work closely with a longtime partner, Genesis School, on their mentoring  and other programs.  Vineyard is also working with a coalition of like minded non-profit community based organizations whose goal is to nurture youth and enable them to become actively involved within their communities. Currently we operate a food pantry, to provide assistance to Vineyard residents, in conjunction with Harvesters.  In the past we worked in partnership with the Oak Park Neighborhood Association, Genesis School and Harvesters operating a multi-community food pantry.For several years as the result of a long standing and close partnership with the Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance (KCNA) Community Development Corporation members, officers, and board members of Vineyard were able to participate in a number of leadership trainings and opportunities, minor home repair initiatives and the development and ownership of our own state of the art resource center to replace our first home.  

In Vineyard we have a lot to be both proud and thankful for.  We look forward to many more exciting years to come.